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In death’s vicinity

24 Jun 2010

I’m currently reading “A Stranger to Myself: The Inhumanity of War : Russia, 1941-1944″, a unique testimony from Willy Peter Reese, a German soldier in WWII, of the horrors of the Eastern Front. Death is a constant and terrible presence throughout the author’s time there; he also eventually in 1944 fell to this omnipotent and […]


I’m stimulated to this post by Charles Cowling’s review of DeathMatters on his Good Funeral Guide Blog. Charles, I’m pleased that you seem to have mostly understood what I’m aiming at with DeathMatters – reawakening an awareness of death as a way of living better and remembering better. (But you should also have specified “living […]


“How did we get to this stage?” – a comment on my last blog (Death matters – no kidding!) from Charles of The Good Funeral Guide, whose excellent blog I often visit. Indeed, how did we get to the point that one actually has to be reminded that death still matters? This is obviously a […]


Ye Mortals!

3 May 2010

When I was writing the mission statement for this site some time ago (“Medicine for LIFE“), I used the words mortality and mortals extensively. It occurs to me now how unfashionable these words have become, particularly the latter. In ancient literature, particularly in mythologies where humans existed alongside gods, titans, demons and other immortals, humans […]