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In death’s vicinity

24 Jun 2010

I’m currently reading “A Stranger to Myself: The Inhumanity of War : Russia, 1941-1944″, a unique testimony from Willy Peter Reese, a German soldier in WWII, of the horrors of the Eastern Front. Death is a constant and terrible presence throughout the author’s time there; he also eventually in 1944 fell to this omnipotent and […]


Dear Gloria, Thanks for your reflections on Charles’ blog entry “Sad – ha ha”. May I respond…. In my own comments on this blog entry I was talking about overcoming death itself – not our fear of it. For the vast majority, claiming to have overcome the fear of it would be a pure lie. […]


Death as Liberation

23 Feb 2010

In my humble opinion, this famous contemporary vision of death’s “value” mostly misses the mark. But with a minor correction, it gains profound new meaning. From the soul’s perspective, death can be seen as a liberation – hence its pricelessness.


“Death? It’s the only thing we haven’t succeeded in completely vulgarizing!” Aldous Huxley Seeing this provocative phrase atop one of the pages of the Perpetua’s Passages site made me pick up Huxley’s excellent compilation of essays on art again, “On Art and Artists”. Although I didn’t find the source of the quote there, I did […]