DEATHmatters is a private initiative with two related purposes:

1) to promote a healthier awareness and integration of death into our post-modern world;

2) to facilitate access to the growing supply of alternative ideas, products, services and rituals related to death, funerals, cemeteries etc.

We are officially unaffiliated with the funeral industry or with any non-profit organizations – although we will certainly be supporting initiatives that we feel align with our two goals above.

The content of the site will be mostly but not exclusively self-generated – we will also try to provide a filtered selection of the best new ideas and materials related to death matters.

We do not aspire to be a comprehensive guide to ALL that exists in the world of death matters, but rather a selective guide to the BEST that is out there.

If you are new to this site and would like a deeper understanding of our goals, please take some time and carefully read about “Good medicine for LIFE”.

Enjoy the site and please, make the most of your precious life!

“As a child is furnished with organs to facilitate and allow birth, so man also possesses organs for death, the formation and strengthening of which belong to theological practices. Where this knowledge is extinguished, a form of idiocy spreads with respect to death; this reveals itself in an escalation of blind fear, but also in an equally blind and mechanical disdain of death.”
Ernst J√ľnger, “The Adventurous Heart”